Do-it-yourself installation of a rear view camera in a Toyota Allion

kenwood dmx7018bts

Let’s consider installing a rear view camera in a car using the example of a Kenwood dmx7018bts car radio.

After you have decided on the installation location of the rear view camera (this can be a camera built into the frame of the number) or a universal camera, which I do not recommend screwing into the metal of the body, 100% will rust, when installing it is better to use ABRO double-sided tape and transparent silicone, attach the camera to plastic plugs in specially designed places of the car – if possible.

car camera

Moving on to installing the power cable for the camera:

We attach the mass (yours is black, mine, since I had to lengthen – the red wire) we attach to a bolt hidden under the trunk lining.

Constant 12 W (red – plus) are powered from the reversing light, in no case cut it off completely, carefully remove the insulation and expose the core, twisting or better if it is possible to solder the connecting wires. It is impossible to connect a copper wire to aluminum directly, because these two metals are incompatible and will certainly oxidize during operation. We insulate all wire connections with PVC tape.

cable power car camera

A reliable connection of wires can be achieved not only by twisting, but also by such household methods (in this way, you can connect copper and aluminum wires together):

Clamping terminals have proven themselves well not only at home when installing light switches, but also in a car, if they are insulated from moisture with PVC insulating tape for reliability. Excellent connections are obtained that can be quickly disconnected and reconnected without a headache:

We start with the rear-view camera, wire the wire under the luggage compartment trim, hide it under the back of the rear seat, under the sills. Then we start the wire from the side of the front passenger seat of the car under the torpedo and connect it to the car radio, wind up the excess wire and fix it.

A special “CAM IN” connector is provided for connecting a rear view camera in the car radio.

But connecting the cable to this connector is not enough, the image on the screen will not appear when reverse gear is turned on!

It is necessary to “wake up” the car radio, for this we connect the REVERSE wire to the red wire (plus a constant 12 W).

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